Friday, May 22, 2009

A little late in the year...

I was at the Iron Maiden concert in Bangalore on Feb 14th of this year and it was kick ass! If you have never seen them live, then trust me and make sure you do that when they tour next year. It was amazing to see that they have not changed a wee bit from their original quality and loudness of music since I got introduced to Maiden in IIIrd year of Roorkee.

They played for less than a couple of hours but covered most of their famous songs.

Aces high / Trooper / Children of the damned / Powerslave / 2 Minutes to Midnight / Phantom of the Opera / Rime of the Ancient Mariner / Wasted years / Hallowed be thy name / Fear of the Dark / Run to the Hills / Iron Maiden / Number of the Beast / The evil that men do

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