Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Well there is this incredible urge to start off with a real smart line, something like, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times", or thereabouts. 'Cos every great book or work in literature begins with one, well almost. But what the heck I don't think I am some Dickens and frankly I have given this question (and its answer) a lot of thought. but am yet to come up with a real mind-blowing quotation that will be quoted for time immemorial. Anyways I have been longing for a long long time to put a sort of a 'semi-autobiographical-story', just reflections and reactions to the big corundrum which is referred to as "life" by some.

So here I have the perfect oppurtunity to do the same - make a statement to myself and pen down thoughts and opinions and oh so many memories that come in each passing day. So hopefully I would not slack off and will continue to update this "journal" regularly and who knows maybe get it published some day, though who will publish it, or who will buy it is one big joke! I will follow a loose format, more or less follow my train of thoughts chronologically but will keep on referring and alluding to the past frequently and come up with anecdotes, etc from the same... up until the next time, adios!