Monday, October 12, 2009

Essay on Munchy & Crunchy Galaxys (updated version)

Well its been some time (more than a couple of months to be vague and imprecise as is my wont), since I had last tortured people into looniness with my profound and completely useless observations on life and the improbablilty of the probability of finding an exact clone of yourself on the planet Gelestune in the Crunchy Galaxy (which most of you know if one of our neighboring galaxies/galaxys/whatever).

Therefore, since the variety of topics one (Saif) is capable of talking about is a lot less than before (when I still used to remember stuff till the Munchy Galaxy - but which sadly I had eaten during one of my throes of hunger), people should take comfort in the fact that there is a lot less chance of being completely at a loss for words at the end of it all, though the odds still are very much in favor of wasting a Volkswagen truckload of time (these are bigger than our desi TATA trucks, thats why the qualification to the verb in the present perfect tense of what in actuality is an event back in the time-space continumm.. but then I digress a lot in the confines of these braces) and still not comprehending what I am getting at .

Anyways, now that the upper limits have been defined what is there to write about... though that question itself is the one that had baffled Freud and the great Cho Cho Ach Choo so we would not delve into that.

So let me take up in "brief" the recent happenings whilst I was in India for the past 3.45422 Gelestunean seconds (you all SHOULD know the math), Besides the usual memorization of the RGB colors of Helix's Circles I tried to unravel the mysteries and hidden political agenda of the Great Ant-Fly Wars of the 1990's... ok so I lie I ONLY did what I called and coined (and now everyone uses ubiquitiously and unfortunately without any feeling) 'bakar'.

Well thats all the "news" I can think of for the moment, there is always sher-o-shairi and general contemplations, but will leave them for later, as I have calculated that some brains (claimed) are going to explode if I do not finish in .000098783 Gelestunean alphabets, so shall I. But people should atleast make themselves more resistant to such highly intellectual talk, and they can sure do that by the simplest thing on this and the next 167322 galaxys and that is e-mail! Hope I get the point across, else I will not be so charming and accommodating in my intelligent yak the next time round (warning o-x).

Thank you all for being a patient audience/reader and welcome back, i.e. if you had gone anywhere in terms of absolute distance when we consider our position in terms of the whole galactic proportions. If you find any of my above reasoning specious and improbable and simultaneously probable, you should get yourself a candy - that usually helps, as I am at my highest level of elevated depression mode at 4 AM EST - so I am right and you are
wrong and everyone else in between is going to be right somewhere and in sometime.

PS- Do people know that we monkeypeople (as I would like to call ourselves and so did Zaphod Beeblebrox) are only the third-most intelligent life form on Earth?!

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