Saturday, June 27, 2009

Word of the Year

A friend of mine recently invented a new word. Muck.

It was indeed appropriate for a claimant to "lady-like" behavior but prone to lapses into her baser self, to invent a word that adheres to both of Jekyll's/Hyde's ways. The word turned out to be an inspired one.

Methinks that muck is an all-encompassing bundle of human emotions. Some erroneous persons may state that the honor should go to muck's more original cousin, but I disagree. For one the original is now a common crass phrase, while muck has the regality of regents of yore; it is like comparing the Vikings to the Frenchies in 1800s. Both may be selectively bloodthirsty and exploitative of common folk, but come on, who does not like them Frenchies? Then there is the wide spread shame and taboo involved with the original. Imagine telling your professor what a no good [insert *original cousin* here] he is; a no good muck is more like an absent-minded professor - so you can vent yourself without fear of any censure. Also, muck by virtue of the Oxford dictionary IS dirty but poshly and rightfully so.

Now that we have firmly established the superiority of muck (oh! muck off if you don't agree with me!), the next thing to do is check out how it will go in common parlance.

"What the muck," is a great way of saying what a muddy predicament the speaker has been put in. I can't think of a more civil way to express dismay, despair, and hatred in one phrase.

"Go muck yourself," would imply that the subjectee of the mucking go and wallow in the muck that he or she is spouting.

"Mucking hell" - blasphemous, but yet it tells you how bad and dirty place hell is so that all yea lost sheep repent and repent now! Makes for some great sermons all round.

"Muck off!" - the greatest use of the expression would sound so like Clint Eastwood in "Dirty Harry"; can someone say with genuineness that they don't want to sound like him? Seriously? Punks!

Well I think no more mucking around with the award and let us bring our dirty hoofs together in appreciation of this great mucking word.

And if you don't, then no problemo - you just go and have a mucking great day.

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Blogger Peppermint Patty said...

Whoa man, Mucking good post! and a mucking Blog too! Mucking too good Saifi!!!

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